The Houston Literary Community 

In 1974, Karl Kilian opened Brazos Bookstore to encourage the growth and development of the emerging Houston literary scene with a clear focus on personalized service, community engagement, and passionate curation. As a hub for the most creative, intelligent and engaged readers in Houston, Brazos offer programs and curate their shelves to inspire and expand the horizons of their curious readers. Brazos Bookstore supports writers and readers through long partnerships with Inprint, the University of Houston Creative Writing Program, the Academy of American Poets, and the Annual Poet and Writer’s Ball. 

Jack Kerouac Project in College Park

Begun by Donald Barthelme and Phillip Lopate, Gulf Coast is the nationally-distributed journal housed within the University of Houston's English Department. The journal’s readership of the print journal currently exceeds 3,000, with more and more coming to our ever-expanding website. Gulf Coast differs from many other literary journals in its commitment to exploring visual art and critical art writing. The journal has always featured portfolios by two artists, along with short introductions from critics familiar with their work. The journal has enhanced its community presence thanks to the Gulf Coast Reading Series, a monthly gathering at Rudyard's Pub in the Montrose neighborhood of Houston, as well as with its annual Spring Issue Release Party. Gulf Coast's Indie Book Fair, held in collaboration with MenilFest, attracts more than 75 local and national exhibitors and over 2,500 visitors each April. These three events continue to bring esteemed writers, editors, publishers and, of course, readers to the Houston area.

The Drunken Odyssey with John King

Inprint envisions Houston, Texas, as a city where the literary arts are a defining resource. Inprint serves as a vital wellspring of literary life, both locally and nationally. Thanks in large part to Inprint’s activities and support, Houston is a vibrant community of creative writers and readers, rich with workshops, readings, forums, and other kinds of literary activity. Writers from all backgrounds and parts of the world delight in coming to Houston to read, teach, and study creative writing; and thousands of Houstonians join in Inprint programs to write, read, and support the literary arts. The community is enriched by some of the nation’s top emerging writers, who study at the University of Houston Creative Writing Program and teach at Inprint and in community centers, schools, universities, and other places throughout the Houston area.

Functionally Literate

Houstonia is a news, culture, entertainment, and information source as smart, exciting and vital as the people who call Houston home. Each month they canvass the nation’s fourth-largest city in search of the newsmakers and tastemakers, people who are changing the way Houstonians eat, play, dress and think. Chock-full of timely, engaging stories, as well as spectacular photography and cutting-edge design, their goal is a signature mix of in-depth news stories, provocative essays, and guides to the best of the city that no Houstonian can live without.

Fantastic Floridas

The Houston Museum District Association is dedicated to collaborative efforts that maximize use of the artistic, scientific and educational resources of Houston Museum District institutions by all citizens of and visitors to Houston. Eleven institutions formed the Houston Museum District Association in 1997. Five new museums joined the District in 2002 and two more in 2007. The District is now comprised of 19 museums.

Burrow Press

The Houston Writers Guild is a volunteer-run, nonprofit organization working to create a community of writers of all skill levels. They strives to improve the writing craft and help writers build successful careers through education, collaborative marketing efforts, and camaraderie. The Guild offers numerous programs for both published and unpublished writers.  It creates opportunities to build careers through networking, as well as, opportunities for author book sales throughout the Greater Houston area and neighboring communities. The Guild is also a place for hobbyist authors to enjoy writing in a relaxed and fun environment.

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